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Thank you for popping by, I am offering you a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me, to understand, how you can benefit from Reiki.

Reiki Healing

I offer intuitive healing through a session channelling the light of Reiki (Universal Energy), Crystals and Drumming. These sessions are an opportunity for you to relax, allowing your body, mind and soul to come back into alignment, shifting the energy from previous trauma or emotional events.

Distant Healing: 30 min, £25

1-2-1: 1 hour 15 min, £50

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is a form of energy work that focuses on channelling energy into your main seven chakras. These are referred to treat the energetic body, as our bodies extend beyond our physicality.

I offer a safe space to cleanse the blockages and re-align your main energy centres to allow a free flow of energy throughout your whole body and for your best outcome.

Duration: 1 hour, £55

Psychic Reading

I offer a psychic reading throughout automatic writing (AW) and oracle cards. Before the session, I sit in meditation and prepare myself for the channelling. Mainly is through AW however, sometimes comes images and events. This is set up as a telephone or video call.

Duration: 30 min £25 / 1 hour £50

The Rite of the Womb

This rite is part of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki. The Rite of the Womb is an energetic transmission that works on your luminous energy field; the field around you that holds the instructions for your DNA. By connecting and activating the Rite within, you become consciously aware of your own power to heal and purify yourself and the world around us.

Text from the website: http://theriteofthewomb.com/

Duration: 3 hours, £55

Reiki Healing Bundle

I offer intuitive healing (either 1-2-1 or distant healing) through a session channelling by the light of Reiki, Crystals and drumming. These sessions are an opportunity for you to relax, and allow your body; mind and soul to come back in to an alignment and to shift energy around previous trauma or emotional events.

The bundle includes 6 different Reiki Drum sessions of 60 minutes each.

  1. Connecting with client’s energy field and healing.
  2. Journey to discover their spirit animal/s.
  3. Chakra balance and Empowerment.
  4. Psychic surgery to remove deep energy blockages.
  5. Violet breath and Grace sitting.
  6. Journey with kundalini energy to cleanse and purify at soul level.

Duration: 30min or 1 hour / session.
6 sessions bundle (pay 5 get 1 free).

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Drumming Circle

I offer a sacred space along with my beautiful drum to guide you through different meditation journeys, offering a space to relax and tune into your true self becoming more aware of your inner values as well as your true purposes, embracing the power of intention and gratitude in your life.

Please, bring your own drum along if you have on.

Last wednesday of the month.

Starting June 29th, 2022

Duration: 7-8:30pm

Exchange: £11 

Location: Hawkins Holistic Healings, Church Farm, Ardeley, Stevenage, SG2 7AH

Reiki Attunements

I offer a sacred and safe space throughout the Reiki attunements.

1-2-1 classes also available.


Reiki I

Introduction to Reiki, what it is, history and principles. You will also learn how to feel the energy, introduction to chakras. Initiation to quartz crystals and how to work with them. Follow of hand position for self-healing and how to prepare a reiki treatment, along with grounding and protection techniques. Attunement and Meditations. Certificate Presentation.


Reiki II

Introduction to Reiki II, symbols, distant healing You will also learn more about the chakras and auras. Follow of uses of Reiki in a deeper level of Healing and hand positions. How to prepare a reiki altar, grounding and protection techniques. Attunements and Meditations. Certificate Presentation.



Overview previous Reiki levels and goals for mastering training. You will also learn the masters’ symbols, followed of the attunments and meditations. Plus, techniques to balance and empower the chakras, use of crystals along with Reiki for healing and connecting with your Reiki Guide. Certificate Presentation.


Master / Teacher

How to perform Sacred attunements plus practice, Ethics and Code for Teaching Students, developing a Reiki business practice, Insurance, Test, Certificate and Lineage.


Reiki Drum Practitioner 

Introduction to your drum and how to bond with it, exploring the science and benefits behind Reiki drum healing and offering a Reiki Drum treatment.

How to engage in a Reiki drum journey to find spirit animals, guides, souls… plus drumming to balance the chakras and how to reprogram your client for a greatest outcome.

Suitable for Reiki level 2 and above as we work with the sacred symbols.

* £150 (if you have your drum) £250 (including 16″Remo drum)


Reiki Drum Master Teacher 

Introduction and History of the Reiki Drum Technique. Drum healing case studies. Opening a sacred space, grounding and protection.

The Reiki Drum Ceremony, Attunement and Techniques. Group drumming, Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Suitable for Reiki Master as we work with the sacred symbols. The course is accompanied by a course manual and your very own drum.


Welcome to these workshops, a way to co-create in many levels and connect with like-minded souls.  Vannakam.

Spiritual Art Workshop

A way to connect with you sacred self.

I look forward in co-creating with you a sacred space to unfold and balance.

We will start opening the workshop with a cacao ceremony, however, a herbal tea option will be available too. This open the circle and the heart space. Followed by a drumming journey to connect with your sacred self. These journeys are proved to be very therapeutic and unfolding in many levels. After the drumming we will proceed to the artwork creation (all materials are included, although, I am flexible if you would like to bring in your own media).

A short break, for lunch and snacks. Bring your light lunch, if you wish.

After the break we will do a short meditation to connect with our intuition, followed by reading circle and despacho ceremony.  ‘Despacho’ is a beautiful ceremony of gratitude, originally from Native American communities. Each item of offering represents a prayer and a gift of power that sparks the momentum for energy shifts and healing. We will close the workshop with a prayer of intention.

All my sessions are hold in a safe space. Open to women and men.

July 16th, 2022

Duration: 4 hours, £45

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I am based in Hertfordshire.

All the services require a deposit to secure your place. Thank you for your interest.

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