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Testimonials Reiki Drum Healing in Stevenage Hertfordshire

Baljinder K Bharaj – Reiki Healing 

I have been having some Distance Reiki from Gloria for a number of weeks now, and each time I have been benefiting from the healing I have requested. She is such a positive, lovely and lively individual. I would highly recommended Gloria to anyone. Thank you for your healing!

S.N. – Reiki Healing

Gloria has a great harmony around her that’s helps put you at ease for the healing. She is also very intuitive as she picked up on the disharmony within my root chakra which I knew before and also my knees which I have problems with too. The energy she leaves you with has followed into the next day at least as I felt on a higher vibration and for the rest of the day thank you Gloria. I wish you all the best. x

Ursula Lief  – Reiki Healing

I would like to thank Gloria for the positive experience she has given me through Reiki. After just one session I felt warmth and power in her peaceful energy. Gloria’s treatment helped improve my symptoms and for that reason I highly recommend her.

Jitka Aba   Reiki Healing 

I never had a reiki session before, I never even heard about it so I had no idea what to expect and have to admit that I was a bit sceptical. However, I was willing to try anything that could help me on my IVF journey.

Basically, you lie on a table and Gloria hovers her hands over you, shooting this universal energy into you.

At first, I felt slightly silly. But then, just a few minutes in (I think?) The more I felt my breath, the more time seemed to unravel, a tingling sensation spread across my face, down my arms and I felt warmth in my abdomen. I couldn’t believe how relaxed and at ease I felt. I seriously thought it was like 10 minutes not a whole hour.

For anyone curious about reiki and healing in general, I thoroughly recommend a session with Gloria. She is experienced in what she does and on top of that, is a wonderful and kind human being. I have learnt a lot from her about the Reiki Chakras and how they connect to the body’s organs. It’s truly a beautiful experience and the session is delivered by someone who can make you feel at ease and peace as soon as you enter the room.

I truly believe that the sessions with Gloria helped me to have my little miracle baby girl who is 4 months old today. I will forever be grateful for this.

Vimal Pedro Pael

Gloria is a profound healer and delivers many teachings and wisdom of the Divine Light. She shows this beautiful energy of love and enlightenment and respect to Mother Earths energy and in her presence, one feels an uplift and divine connection with the Divine and Angel realms.

I would like to recommend this magical soul from all my heart. Watch this Space

Natalie Price – Wim Hof & Chakra Meditation

Gloria has been a complete inspiration to me during the past few months. I was fortunate enough to have been introduced by my best friend and have completed a number of challenges with Gloria over this time. I have grown mentally, spiritually and personally from her expertise in breathing methods, meditations and guiding our groups in the belief that anything is possible with the right mindset and the right support. Thank you so much for everything, for just being you and for teaching and guiding me into this path. You are amazing Gloria

Sara Jondi – Wim Hof

Gloria is a beautiful person. She’s extremely helpful and supportive. She’s introduced me to the WimHofMethod during the lockdown and I have done 2 x 21days challenges with her on WhatsApp. I’m really grateful to her for this and for being there every time I needed help. Thank you Gloria

Testimonials Reiki Drum Healing in Stevenage Hertfordshire

Claritas Way

Gloria empowers women with ancient and powerful methods to realise their true potential.

Valerie KerbelLustgarten 

Gloria is a fantastic healer and master meditator amongst other things. I highly recommend to anyone looking to discover the world within

Kirsty Groves – Reiki Healing

Gloria gave me distant healing for a very bad sinus infection that had resisted all treatment (I did not want to use antibiotics). I had been feeling very ill, very run down, with low energy, intense facial pain and low mood. After the healing was done I slept very deeply, and awoke the next morning with around 90% improvement in my symptoms. My pain was greatly reduced, my head was almost completely clear and my energy was noticeably improved. I felt better, I felt calmer, and I felt something I was unable to put into words…. a greater clarity and peacefulness within me. The effects of her healing lasted for few days for me, and gave me a good dynamic. Interestingly, alongside my bad sinus infection I had been struggling with severe episodes of debilitating pain in my left buttock and leg… This problem has almost completely disappeared since the healing and although it wasn’t the focus of my healing, I believe Gloria’s holistic ability and skill at Reiki gave me greater benefits than just the symptom she was initially treating. Gloria is exceptional, and exudes love and compassion.

Lucia Hoxha – Reiki Healing

I would like to say a big thank you to Gloria Urech for sending me the most beautiful healing energy through the Reiki at times when I was going through very challenging treatment.

Gloria is very giving, loving and intuitive soul and I recommend her to all who are ready to receive this very powerful alternative way how to ‘fuel’ yourself and much more…

Julia Grifol – Reiki Healing

Gloria has helped in many occasions. She brings so much peace and she is very spiritual being. In January, I went through a very hard time with my mother’s serious illness and she sent me distant reiki. I felt so much peace and she managed to release my anxiety. I am happy to have her in my life. Thank you.

Testimonials Reiki Drum Healing in Stevenage Hertfordshire

Louise Jayne Joseph

Gloria is an amazing spiritual soul with lots to teach and lots of love to give now that I found you I will share your information you are amazing thank you very much I’m blessed to know you and have found you!

Anjula Ayavoo – Wim Hof & Chakra Meditation

Gloria is the sincerest soul that I have come across. Her voice took me to a journey beyond wonders and released myself from the bondage and self-pity I had so long. Thank you Gloria for making this possible through Wim Hoff and chakra healing course you offered. It’s so beautiful.

Zühre Venus – Wim Hof & Chakra Meditation

Thank you, Gloria, for your time, energy and the love you share. I completed the Wim Hoff challenge with Gloria which I really enjoyed and found really inspiring. Gloria was excellent at leading the challenge.

I also did Gloria’s chakra meditation experience which was beautiful. She shared some great chakra meditations and supported us through the 25-day journey so well. I am looking forward to the next experience. x

Punes Ayavoo – Wim Hof & Chakra Meditation

Gloriais a glorious human being. She generates deep love and care, she empowers you to begin a journey into yourself discovery,so gently with her peaceful and serene voice. You feel the warmth of her care and it puts back energy and positivity in your life. l believe that all programmes she offers will take you to an amazing journey and you get connected to the people and nature. You feel safe and warmly welcomed. Gloria,listens,cares and is very supportive. Thank you.

Daniella Lobb – Reiki Healing

I’ve had a healing session with Gloria recently that was truly amazing. I felt safe and supported at all times and know that the healing came from a place of love.

I went to her feeling disconnected and lost, with my throat hurting and feeling blocked and bruised. During this session she completely cleared my throat from all the pain and I came away feeling lighter, uplifted and positive.

Gloria after the reiki session also gave me some insight and guidance that I’m truly grateful for.

She is a beautiful soul and I am truly grateful for the healing and support I’ve received at Gloria Urech Wellbeing. I look forward to seeing you again xx

A.T – Reiki Drum Healing

Dear Gloria,
I just want to say a massive thank you with my reiki session you honoured. I was very skeptical to have it done at first but after you talked me through and explained everything, I felt very comfortable and optimistic with the outcome it would have on me. I cannot thank you enough with the positive energy it has given me, your positive energy has healed my negative blockages. It has helped me so much with my ongoing anxiety I have had for a long time. I feel so much lighter, peaceful and happier. It has done me wonders. You are truly blessed with an amazing gift. I would love to book another session again very soon. Thank you, you are a beautiful soul.

Leman – Reiki Drum Healing

Dear Gloria I would like to take this time to show my gratitude to you. Every session that I had was very different in experience and so profound. I was able to release blockages and stuck energy. I feel drumming gives it a unique experience and feeling it takes me away into places that are truly magikal. After each session I always feel light and have a sense of peace within me. You are an incredible healer and a great listener. I absolutely love our discussions after the session as you are always able to give me insight and guidance which i always appriciate.

I feel Uber lucky to have met you and be able to experience your magic. Looking forward to having many more sessions with you ✨??✨

Love and gratitude to you beautiful soul

Zuzana Taylor – Reiki Drum Healing

I have had 4 Reiki sessions with Gloria so far. I have one left but I will go back to Gloria again. I have known Gloria for a long time and she is a beautiful being, her sessions are tailored to what you need to work on at the moment. I particularly love her drumming and she gives advice on chakras, healing crystals, food and lots more. Also her oracle card readings are very accurate.

I would recommend Gloria wholeheartedly to everyone looking for inner healing.


Carrie Whitcomb Steed  – Reiki Drum Healing

Just had my first Reiki session with Gloria, it was an amazing experience and I will definitely be having more session. I really recommend Gloria. If any of my friends fancy a session give her a call, you’ll love it!


Sharon (Angel)  – Reiki Drum Healing

Gloria Urech has an amazing gift! A reiki session with her will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as she treats you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She is incredibly professional and you walk away from a treatment feeling relaxed, energised and incredibly peaceful.

Monkey Mindfulness  – Drumming Class

Gloria’s drumming class was amazing! Something very sacred and primal about it. Gloria took you on a journey with the drumming and a wonderful journey in the mind. A powerful experience that was nurturing and healing at the same time. a great session to connect and share. Gloria is an authentic, all round lovely soul.

Selina Ashton  – Drumming Circle for the Wellbeing Weekend

It was so lovely! I enjoyed a few sessions and my 3-year-old loved the drumming, he was very zen afterward.

Testimonials Reiki Drum Healing in Stevenage Hertfordshire

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